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Student Project 'theses/ss2005-bohn'

LuxTraceRT: A Self-Calibrating Real-Time Positioning System using Solar Cells as Main Sensory Input (S)

Status: Abgeschlossen

The task of this semester project is to develop and prototypically implement a real-time, self-calibrating positioning system, LuxTraceRT, based on LuxTrace, a prototypical dead reckoning system that uses solar cells as sensory input. LuxTraceRT should use an exisiting positioning system to get positition information needed for the self-calibration and internal irradiance model building. The provided existing positioning system features a dead reckoning service based on rotation sensors, and an RFID-based positioning service for use with densely distributed RFID tags in the floor space as part of a local super distributed RFID tag infrastructure. Finally, the implemented protoype has to be tested and evaluated by means of practical experiments.

Estimated work allocation:

Berabeitet von: Martin Burri

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