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Student Project 'theses/ss2003-bohn'

Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired People (Navigation Layer) (P)

Status: Abgeschlossen

The aim of this project is to realize the prototype of an indoor navigation system for visually impaired people, with a focus on positioning and location modeling issues. The system will be based on a PDA with wireless communication capabilities. Depending on the current position within the building, the PDA communicates with the building infrastructure to retrieve available instructions on how to reach the next waypoint. Position information is provided by means of an existing positioning service. In order to pass movement instructions on to the blind person, the PDA generates some form of suitable feedback, e.g. audio feedback or tactile stimuli. Thus the blind person is gradually led to the final destination.

This work has to be coordinated with another internship project that focuses on aspects of input/output and information transformation with respect to visually impaired people.

Skills: Java programming; no fear of programming/hacking an iPAQ

Berabeitet von: Nicolas Tissot
Ansprechpartner: , Vlad Coroama

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